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The Effect

Everything in the universe is connected. Remember the butterfly effect. It is scientific fact that a butterfly flapping its wings here can help cause a storm on the other side of the globe. A prayer here can help bring peace on the other side of the globe. It is very important to pray as much as possible these days.


 What To Do (and NOT Do) re Voter Intimidation
at the Polls

 My Plant-a-Tree Billboard

 You Have Power:
Self-Healing in the Time of the Coronavirus

 Healing Climate Change: A Beginner's Guide

 Tree's Song (for Jenni) - A Beautifully Illustrated Storybook for Nature Lovers of All Ages.

  Saving Our Public Libraries: Why We Should. How We Can. - A Book of Proven 21st Century Funding Solutions for Public Libraries.

 Why Vote? - A Large Colorful Poster That Highlights Many Important Reasons Why Everyone Should Vote.

Solutions Journalist

I am committed to the truth, and to asking the questions that enable me to determine what the truth is.

Will Your Vote Count This Time? - Ms. Magazine, Winter 2008 (reprinted here with permission of Ms. Magazine, copyright 2008). Click here to read the article in pdf format.

A highlight of jai's writing life was covering the Nobel Peace Laureates Centennial in Oslo, Norway on assignment for The Christian Science Monitor. She also wrote an op-ed about the Centennial called 2-1/2 Days.

jai's writing credits also include: alternet-org, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Business Times, WQED Educational TV (Pittsburgh PA), and the Rochester (NY) Democrat & Chronicle.

jai's TV/radio reporting credits include: "Your Morning" on CN8-TV (covering a nine-state region out of Philadelphia), reporting from the polls for NPR in 2004 and 2008, The Ralph Bailey Show on KNZR Radio (CA), The Scott Leffler Show on WLVL Radio (NY), The Bob Cudmore Show on WVTL Radio (NY), and Life Lounge on KDKA Radio (PA).


jai is the creator of poemART, an intimate blend of poetry and abstract art. A book of her early poemART is in the collection of the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC.

Vision and Values

Vision and Values is jai's firm (as well as her publishing press). Founded in 1996, it is dedicated to "Communications That Make a Difference."

Vision and Values 
Pittsburgh, PA